Our Stories

SFIDA provides free support for young ethnic Albanians and their families in London to help them feel part of life in the UK and fulfil their potential.

Support services

Our support services help young people access education, training and employment opportunities, as well as helping the wider community with citizenship, welfare, health and housing.

Our advocacy work includes representation at school, disability and welfare appeals and we provide translation.

We also hold regular events celebrating Albanian and British culture to encourage positive relationships between the Albanian community and the communities living and working alongside them.

Our Services

We have a particular focus on working with younger members of the community to ensure they can succeed and fulfil their potential.



As part of our work, we partner with statutory bodies and professionals to build understanding and aid community cohesion.

Our services include:

Stay open minded:

We run a range of advice and support services for community members. We can provide help in the following areas:

  • college and job applications
  • citizenship
  • access to healthcare and counselling
  • welfare and access to housing
  • translation services
  • representation at appeals

SFIDA runs regular events to support isolated ethnic Albanian families who are victims of Domestic Violence, Human Trafficking and Modern Slavery. Through our "Cultural Kitchen" project, funded by Imperial Health Charity under the project Compassionate Communities, SFIDA aims to help these families feel supported and assimilate into our community.

Community engagement

Our community engagement with the Albanian community aims to celebrate culture and challenge harmful views that can fuel a lack of understanding and social cohesion.

Our work includes:
Support and social groups for community members to develop self-esteem and positive relationships.

Workshops and projects on key issues facing the community, including domestic violence, modern slavery and the growing problem of extreme views that fuel hatred and divisions.

Events and celebrations of Albanian and British culture and heritage to have fun, build new understanding and show how these two communities can coexist.

Advice and consultancy
We partner with a range of professionals and statutory bodies and our trusted position makes us uniquely placed to offer insights into the needs and challenges of the Albanian community in London.


We have a particular focus on working with younger members of the community to ensure they can succeed and fulfil their potential.



These events also act as a bridge for community members to have fun, forge friendships, and build greater understanding with the communities who live and work alongside them. We hope they will create cultural links between the Albanian community and English, Asian, African and European communities living in London. 

11th September 2021

Covid-19 Information Workshop

Covid-19 workshops to inform people about the spread of Covid-19 and how the vaccine can be beneficial. 

26th January 2021


All welcome to attend our picnic event! We will have a range of activities to partake in such as move n' smooth, sport activities, and more! This October at Lampton Park.

11th December 2021

Traditional Albanian Cooking Classes

Monthly Albanian traditional cooking classes, where attendees will be able to meet people in similar situations and begin to integrate back into the community. During these activities we are able to offer one to one support for women who have been a victim of domestic violence, human trafficking, or cmodern slavery; please don't hesitate to book an appointment. This month our class will be running in Hayes (address to be confirmed).

6th February 2022

Domestic Violence Awareness Workshop

Domestic Violence awareness workshop with guest speakers from IDVA/Modern Slavery and Trafficking Advocate, will be taking place in Hayes (address to be confirmed)

2nd July 2022

Folkloric Sports Days

Join us on July 2nd 2022 at Inwood Park, Hounslow for an inter-community sports day that will enhance teamwork, sportsmanship, and be an opportunity to share cultures. 

Activities include traditional Albanian games, Hounslow Health Outreach Team, and much more!

Food and refreshments will be provided.

To confirm attendance, please email: m.sfida@yahoo.co.uk

This even is sponsored by the National Lottery Community Fund and Public Health.