About Us

SFIDA is a community organisation working with young ethnic Albanians and their families in London. We act as a bridge to build understanding and more positive relationships between the ethnic Albanian community and communities that live and work alongside them. We provide advocacy and free support to help young people succeed in education and employment, and for the wider community to access housing, healthcare and other social services.

Our community

Our community engagement is designed to tackle key issues facing the community, and we aim to challenge the growing problem of harmful views held by some younger community members that can fuel community divisions.

SFIDA's trusted position and insight into the needs and challenges of this community means we are uniquely placed to provide advice and consultancy for statutory bodies and professionals.

Our aim is to ensure the next generation of ethnic Albanians are fully integrated into life in the UK and can fulfil their potential.

Our Values

SFIDA works with young ethnic Albanians and their families in London

We build understanding between communities

We help young people succeed

We celebrate Albanian and British culture

We provide support services, advocacy and translation


Our partners in working with young ethnic Albanians and their families to build more positive community relationships include:

  • Albanian Embassy
  • Kosovar Embassy
  • Ealing Voluntary Sector
  • Hounslow Voluntary Sector
  • Albanian Association Unit
  • Multicultural Centre
  • Mother Teresa Union
  • Hounslow Independent Advisory Group
  • Faik Konica
  • Peja
  • Hounslow Friends of Faith
  • Refuge
  • Metropolitan Police
  • Hounslow Council
  • Ardhmeria